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Graphics are a key part of any website and help draw the eye to more that just dismal text by bringing a creative and more pleasant environment to the reader through a broad array of colors, interactive buttons, and by displaying my strongest belief, "Everything Is Art." Think about it. It took some sort of design and a reasonable amount of creativity to make common household products look that much more pleasing to the everyday user. Have you ever considered how much design went into your average coffee maker, TV, or jam box? In some cases, I've seen designs on certain items that seem rather strange. Have you noticed how most of the new fax machines, phones and computer cases look Aero-Dynamic? Who needs a computer, fax or phone that can slice through the wind and save on whatever?? *LOL* Nobody does! But that aerodynamic design seems to be the "IN THING" these days.

So in web design, I intend to keep up with the fads, fashions and trends that will make you or your company's site that much more attractive to whomever frequents it's main page... something that will draw their attention enough to make them read on, and hopefully click on your profit-makers. :o)

A good background with complimentary colors in text, links, add-on design and buttons will be the focus we'll emphasize first. The background is the base of all webpages even if it's simply a color. Text needs a place to rest so that it might be seen vividly and remain complimentary to it's "base" (the background). And what better thing than a background can provide that basic neccessity. As you can see, white works quite well for almost any of the deeper colors and in most business pages it's the prefered backdrop. But what about the design around it or what balances the page, making it even and eye-catching? That's where the borders, columns and other colors around it, come into play. That's the part that puts the "D" in Design. Decoration...

I've compiled a a viewing page of thumbnail backgrounds that are also links to the larger, FULL size. Browse through them, find what you like and if you get into doing your OWN websites, feel free to right click the screen and select "Save Background As..."

I hope you find something you can use to give your website that certain "flare" and if you wish to seek our services in building you or your company's website, email me.


Page add-ons are useful in a website's navigation, general beautification or to help retain a balance in text and design. The simple addition of a hitcounter, clock, search engine or bar help to provide such add-on graphics.

These add-ons employ vast amounts of javascript that are the main-stay of today's web design. Other add-ons might employ Macromedia Flash in the form of banner-size animations of text and moving graphics.

Animated gifs are still in use, but Flash Media is the latest craze.

Browse the various add-ons and find what you'd like to better enhance your site's design. Then let us know if we can be of service to you.

Buttons are where your site takes the viewer. If it's simply a guestbook or a favorite link, that button has the potential to show real effort on your part to let them know you really want them to see what URL or email address in behind it. So click here to view the button page and tell us if you think we have what you've been seeking through our web designing services.

Thanks for for taking the time to read this far. It's very appreciated.


To email for appointments: EmphaGraphix@HoTmAiL.CoM

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