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Hello! My name is Andrew Wright and I live in a small North Carolina town called Fallston. I have no idea what the population count is, so I won't even bother with guessing. Aside from that, this is supposed to be a business page, isn't it? *lol* Okay... all joking aside, I'll let you know right off the bat that I'm an internet junkie who's been online for a LONG 7 years. I've often thought about how many businesses were out here on the web making loads and loads of money building websites and have wanted so badly to become a part of it's growing market. As a hobby and gifted by God with the talent, I'm a natural born artist. My mom retired teaching Art and English in high school, my brother now teaches Art in a large high school down in South Carolina. So I guess I got it 'honest.' I too was supposed to see a future in art, but I had no idea where I could persue it without starving to death. My mom and brother both enjoy teaching and are extremely good at it, but that's just not my cup of tea. In a similar but different way, their capacity to give complete attention to a child and see to their needs as effective and wonderful teachers, God gifted me with the ability to assert my energies and concentration on a more technical level, thus giving me the ability to self-teach all that I know about Windows, it's programs, html, javascript and other forms of coding that make the web what it is today. I'm also proud of my gift to use such primative programs like windows paint to do all the graphics you've seen in the contruction of this business website. I hope that in itself gives you a good idea of what I'm capable of. So here I am now, broke, facing huge bills and still feeling my long-lived passion to build the web. There's only one thing different about this time and the others; I'm doing something about it and working at building a great website that I hope someday, might pay off. I'd be proud of me if I were an onlooker that knew I only started building this site and it's associated pages on the 1st of September, 2001. So look me up, check out the things I've done and check back by for more and more updates. Thank you for your taking the time to read this. It's appreciated.

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